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We know you have many choices for an IT, Healthcare IT and Engineering talent acquisition partner. But we also know that no one will work as hard to help you reach your goals as Blue Chip Talent. Seriously. We’re not just putting that one out there—we mean it.

You’re Gonna Love Working with Us

  • We truly care about you
    We understand the responsibility in helping people advance their careers. We don’t take that lightly. And to do it well, you really have to care about people. We do. Not to sound sappy, but every member of our team cares about you and your career.

  • Join our team and you’re E4L
    What’s E4L? It’s one of our philosophies here at Blue Chip Talent. It means “Employee For Life,” and represents our commitment to invest in you as a person instead of a resource. You become an E4L from day one - from the first phone call and throughout the interview process to lunches and family events. Regular communication to see how you’re doing is a given. We want to be your professional coach and valued advisor, ultimately resulting in a career-long relationship with you—even after you’re no longer employed by Blue Chip Talent. When you’re in, you’re in. And we’re here to help you, however you need us.

  • We have really great jobs
    At the end of the day, you want great career opportunities. We won’t disappoint you! We work with Fortune 500 and 1000 companies (and many more) in a range of industries. These companies know that Blue Chip Talent delivers the best talent, so they make their best positions available to us—which means really incredible opportunities for you.

  • We’ll take care of you
    We have a full range of long-term benefits, discounts at major retailers, medical benefits, and all the other things you’d expect from a trusted employer. We also offer a Wellness Plan and excellent referral bonuses (send us your friends who are as great as you!). That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Benefits... Above and Beyond? Try Miles Ahead

If you’ve checked out a few pages on our website, you probably noticed that we talk about relationships. A lot. That’s because they really are the most important part of our success. Providing for our employees goes beyond dollars and cents. We’ve created benefits that are a little unique, but offer peace of mind, support, and even (a lot of, if we do say so ourselves) fun:

  • Really great health insurance

    Our health insurance is provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield and will take care of you and your family if you need it. Choose from three different plans to find one that best meets your needs.

  • Paid time off (PTO)

    You’re rewarded for your time with us. Over time you earn more PTO. Don’t need all that time off? You can carry over your unused PTO for a longer vacation or several mini trips.

  • Straight Time Bonus

    Rewarding you for extra billable time. Get bonus money in your check or bank it for PTO. The option is yours.

  • Vision and dental coverage

    To keep your eyes and pearly whites looking good!

  • Group and voluntary life insurance

    Giving you peace of mind for your family.

  • Long-term disability benefits

    Taking care of you in the long haul.

  • Flexible spending and dependent care reimbursement

    Small things really add up.

  • 401k program with flexible contributions

    Taking care of you now, and in the future.

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    Other Non-Traditional Benefits

    These set us apart from the run of the mill companies.

  • Employee portal

    Get access to important forms and information on your computer or mobile device.

  • Lead generation bonus

    Know a company or candidate that would love working with us?

  • Business expense reimbursement

    Because things come up from time to time.

  • Discount

    We all love saving money. You’ll get discounts with major brands and retailers including GM, BMW, Verizon and more…plus discounted tickets for the Pistons and Red Wings that are exclusive to Blue Chip Talent.

  • Book club

    Reading nourishes the mind and provides a nice break from day-to-day work.

  • Flex time/charity support

    Our internal employees are offered flex time to support charities or participate in races. Get out there and give back!

  • Lunches

    We love to eat - from CEO and HR lunches to sales and recruiting, we sample local restaurants frequently and invite you to come along!

  • Tuition reimbursement

    Knowledge is power. We set you up with both.

  • Training

    We custom tailor training to meet the needs of our employees. We’ll help you stay on top of the trends and technologies you need.

  • Wellness plan

    We all want to live healthy lives, but sometimes a little guidance can be a big help.

  • Monthly appreciation perks

    We know you are important to us but we want YOU to know it too. Each month you will get a surprise gift to show our appreciation of you as a Blue Chip Talent employee. Just something small to say that we are happy you are part of the Blue Chip Talent Family.

  • Travel assistant

    Do you need to travel for business? If so, we can help you with travel arrangements. We have experienced staff to help you locate and reserve the most convenient accommodations.

  • HR help line

    Do you have a question about your PTO or healthcare? If so, we offer an exclusive email address for these exact questions. Our HR department is on alert to answer you back ASAP.

  • Family is priority

    Our team celebrates family with fun yearly events. In the past it was enjoying a family day at the Detroit Tigers game. This year we celebrated our Bloomfield Hills Headquarter’s front row seats to the Woodward Dream Cruise with a family tailgate party. We look forward to having your family join us this year.

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    Helping People Reach Their Goals Makes Us Smile (A Lot)

    By focusing on taking care of the whole person and building strong relationships, we’ve been lucky enough to work with many talented IT, Healthcare IT and Engineering professionals. Here are a few of their stories:

    I think that Blue Chip [Talent] is among the best staffing agencies I’ve had the pleasure to work with, both as a job seeker and as a manager seeking talent.

    Through my recruiter’s diligence, he matched me to an opportunity that I was very excited to interview for.

    There are not enough words of praise that I can state regarding my recruiter, his hard work, drive and dedication.

    I felt as if [Blue Chip Talent] was also my PERSONAL cheerleader! [They] are easy to work with and truly had my best interests in mind.

    [Blue Chip Talent] went above and beyond any other recruiter to work with me to find the type of opportunities he felt would not only be a good fit for my talents, but would also be exciting to me.

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