Tech lovers of the word, Blue Chip Talent presents the  top five tech gifts to put on your wish lists this holiday season.

  1. Polaroid Zip – $130

The Zip is the photo printer you phone has been dreaming about. Just connect you smart phone via Bluetooth, hit print on a free app, and viola! A 2×3 instant print ready to go. You don’t even have to worry about ink cartridges! The Zip uses special photo paper that’s ink free. It’s every smart phone photographer’s dream.

  1. BB-8 Droid – $150

It’s official. We at Blue Chip Talent are fan girling. Look at this thing! This BB-8 droid made its debut in the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now after the movie, you can come home to the magic too. You control this little guy from an app on your smart phone. It’s the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan in your life.

  1. JBL Charge 2 – $150

This Bluetooth speaker is equipped with dual drivers and twin passive radiators. It will fill your room with your favorite tunes! Also, the battery lasts for 12 hours and you can charge another device thanks to its USB port. You know what they say, “the best way to spread holiday cheer, is to blast you Bluetooth speaker for all to hear.”

  1. Amazon Echo – $180

Is there anything this thing can’t do? It’s your very own personal assistant. It plays music, answers questions, tell you the news, weather, and traffic, gives info on local businesses, sports scores, and more all instantly. Also, you can control your lights and switches with this thing with compatible devices! The best part? It is continuously getting smarter and adding new features.

  1. Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch – $250

This one is for the New Year’s Resolutions in all of us. This is a runner’s best friend. The Fitbit comes with a built in GPS to track pace, distance, routes, and elevation climbed. Monitors your heart rate, steps taken and calories burned, all in good looking touch screen watch. It’s like getting your own personal trainer for the holidays, except it won’t tell you to stop eating and binge watching Netflix.. *sigh*